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6. Ranking


Ranking is part of a challenge, but it is not the aim of it. This must be a motivation factor, no more.


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6.1 Ranking is always subjective: % of points for different criteria (safety, timing, comfort, ..., fair play, respect of the rules, ...). Change the criteria and the whole ranking changes.

6.2 You have rules and some team try to get around it to get more rest, for example : if we say victim and team leader can't be changed, some do it, this is unfair has mentioned above.
6.3 Some teams are accompanied by a photographer or a friend who try to see some scenarios before their team arrive to give them info about it.
6.4 Some external controllers are more strict with a certain teams in order to give an advantage to their own team. The list goes on, I've seen that every year, because people think ranking is the most important, they‘re wrong !
有的外部评核员会对其他队伍采用更严格的计分标准以增加自己所在队伍的优势。这些情况一直在持续,我每年都会看到的,因为参赛者认为排名是最重要的, 但事实上他们错了。

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总结/ 理念

Exchanging and learning, We are all firefighters, we face risk in many parts of our job, everywhere we want to limit the risk to the minimum. We are all part of the Rope rescue family and the final goal of the GRIMPDAY is not to perform but well to improve our abilities, skills, knowledge, to raise our safety level and therefore the one of the victims.


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The growth of Grimpday to the international lets us see many technics and wider the range of our experiences. It makes us better.

If you got to sleep knowing more than you did in the morning, you've done the right thing.

I hope you gonna share this feeling tonight.




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